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Recruitment 职位申请
  • Quality inspector
    Release time: 2018-06-26

    Quality inspector:

     2 years experience in technical secondary school    Several people

    Job responsibilities:

    1Processing and distribution of production return materials


    3Document sending and receiving

    4、Incoming inspection

    5ERP entry

    6The superior arranges other work

  • Marketing assistant
    Release time: 2018-06-26

    Marketing assistant:

    2 years of experience in college 2 persons


    Job responsibilities

    1、Assisted the marketing director in collecting and archiving customer information;

    2、Handled daily data and documents in the work of the department;

    3、Keep good communication and contact, keep track of customer status, timely find out customer needs and feedback, and record and report;

    4、Careful and patient.


    1. Aged from 23 to 35, college degree or above;

    2. Cheerful, communicative, responsible, aggressive and expressive;

    3. Love the industry, dare to challenge and have a good sense of teamwork; 

    4. Have certain learning ability and execution ability, and can operate office software skillfully.

    5. Proficient in operating office software and statistical functions.

  • Sales clerk
    Release time: 2018-06-09

    Sales clerk

    2 years experience    10 junior college students

    Job responsibilities

    1. Position as a sales person, responsible for completing quantified work requirements on a regular basis under the leadership and supervision of superiors, and independently handling and solving the responsible tasks;

    2. Manage customer relations and complete sales tasks;

    3. Understand and explore customer demand and purchase desire, and introduce the advantages and features of our products;

    4. Provide professional consultation to customers;

    5. Collect potential customers' information;

    6. Collect accounts receivable.

  • Marketing specialist
    Release time: 2018-06-09

    Marketing specialist

    2 years experience in college    Several people

    Job responsibilities

    1. Under the leadership and supervision of superiors, I regularly completed the quantitative work requirements, and independently handled and solved the tasks I was responsible for;

    2. Assisted the superior in managing and coordinating the market, tracked and monitored the implementation of various marketing plans;

    3. Assisted in market research activities of the company's products;

    4. Collect information of the same industry in the market, and participate in the planning of the company's product release, exhibition and other activities.


    1. College degree or above, major in marketing and management is preferred;

    2. Familiar with ___LED packaging industry, sales and management experience is preferred;

    3. Have active thinking, positive and enterprising spirit, and accept challenges;

    4. Honest, upright, cheerful, responsible and good at communicating with others;

    5. Have a certain ability of organization and coordination, can bear and break work pressure, and be a good time manager and self-task driver.

  • Key account sales representative
    Release time: 2018-06-11

    Key account sales representative:

    3-4 years experience college    5 people

    Job responsibilities

    1. Develop new markets, develop new customers and increase product sales scope; 

    2. Collect detailed and comprehensive customer information;

    3. Deeply understand and master the current situation and demands of customers; 

    4. Cooperate with the technical department to complete the solution;

    5. Assist the agent to develop the market and achieve the annual regional sales target.


    1. Strong ability of market development and communication and coordination; 

    2. Have a good working attitude and work with results;

    3. Have keen market insight and analytical ability; 

    4. Strong anti-pressure ability; 

    5. Cheerful, outgoing and team spirit; 

    6. Adapt to short business trips.

    Other requirements

    1. Strong intention.

    2. Driving license is preferred.

    3.Be diligent. 

    4.The company's current annual income of millions and hundreds of thousands of employees is not a dream. The advantages of the company are: 1.R & d clerk: 1 year experience, 1 junior college student

  • Sales manager
    Release time: 2018-06-26

    Sales manager

    5-7 years experience in college    Several people

    Job responsibilities

    1. Sales management position, responsible for the main objectives and plans in its functional area; 

    2. Formulate, participate in or assist the upper level to implement relevant policies and systems; 

    3. Responsible for the daily management of the department and the management, guidance, training and evaluation of the staff; 

    4. Responsible for organizing sales operations, including planning, organizing, progress control and review; 

    5. Assisted the sales director in setting sales targets, sales models, sales strategies, sales budget and incentive plans; 

    6. Established and managed the sales team to achieve the sales target;

    7. Provide guidance and Suggestions on product development from the perspective of sales and customer demand.


    1. College degree or above, major in marketing, etc.; Experience in the bank is preferred.

    2. At least 3 years working experience in sales industry, with sales management experience preferred; 

    3. Rich customer resources and customer relations, with excellent performance; 

    4. Strong ability in market analysis, marketing and promotion, good interpersonal communication and coordination, and ability to analyze and solve problems;

    5. Have a strong sense of enterprise and leadership.

  • Sales engineer
    Release time: 2018-06-19

    Sales engineer:

    3-4 years of experience in college    Several people

    Job responsibilities

    1. Formulate and participate in or assist the upper level to implement relevant policies and systems;

    2. Responsible for developing customer resources, finding potential customers and achieving sales targets; 

    3. Sign sales contracts, guide, coordinate and review accounts and records related to sales services, coordinate transportation and other affairs; 

    4. Solve customers' complaints on sales and service; 

    5. Provide guidance and Suggestions for product development from the perspective of sales and customer needs.



    1. The major is unlimited, and the engineering specialty is preferred

    2. At least 2 years of sales working experience, experience as a sales engineer in a foreign company is preferred;

    3. Have the ability to analyze and organize market information; Have market experience and sensitive market observation and analytical capability.

    4. Independent working ability and teamwork spirit;

    5. Meticulous, conscientious and responsible in work, with professionalism;

    Company advantages: 1, product independent research and development, and 2, the reserve force to solve the problem quickly, three middle-aged into millions of existing business is not a fairy tale, 4, one of the shareholders and senior business majors.

  • Mechanical engineer
    Release time: 2018-06-19

    Mechanical engineer:

    2 years experience in college    Several people

    Job responsibilities

    1. Developed the whole machine design of automatic equipment, and independently completed the design of the whole machine; 

    2. Detailed scheme design and calculation of standard parts selection; 

    3. Output equipment design drawings, BOM; 

    4. Can independently solve the problems of mechanical automation equipment, and have strong operational ability and good mechanical mapping and assembly ability;

    5. Follow up production and assembly, handle abnormal problems, follow up equipment acceptance and solve problems;

    Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical engineering and automation, more than 3 years of design experience;

    2. Positive working attitude, earnest and meticulous, responsible, good team spirit; 

    3. Familiar with the equipment development process, and familiar with the use of CAD, Solidworks and other design software and office software; Familiar with the basic principle, structure, performance, technical parameters, installation and debugging methods of mechanical automation equipment; 

    4. Have mechanical expertise and project planning ability, and have a good command of relevant design software; 

    5. Personal quality: good team spirit, strong coordination ability and good communication and expression ability; Responsible for work, hard working, able to withstand the pressure of design and debugging;

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